Dust Filter Bag is been using in Dust colector system in many industry like cement, flour mill, power plant, mining , smelter and other industry.

Our Dust filter bag is been using to catch dust particle and seperate it with the clean air.

In some area of process , chosing the correct material is very important to make sure the life time of the filter.

Filter bag that been using for drying , temperature and chemical resistance filter media is needed.

UTF dust bag material :

dust bag material

Polypropelene ,Polyester ,Acrylic ,PPS ,Aramid ,P84 ,Fiberglass.

Finishing and treatment

- Water and Oil Repelent
- PTFE surface filter membrane
- Heatset

Water & Oil Repelent to make dust release more efficient and also to prevent clogging so the cloth will have better life time.

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